Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server

Unlock the power of data management and query language with our comprehensive course, "Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Ser

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Course Start Date : 4/19/2024
Course Level : Beginner
Course Duration : 3:52 Hours

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Course Description

Unlock the power of data management and query language with our comprehensive course, "Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server." SQL (Structured Query Language) is a fundamental tool for anyone involved in data-driven decision-making and data management, and Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely used database systems in the industry.

Course Highlights:

SQL Fundamentals: Begin your SQL journey by understanding the core concepts of databases, tables, and the SQL syntax. Learn how to create, retrieve, update, and delete data.

Microsoft SQL Server: Get hands-on experience with Microsoft SQL Server, a leading relational database management system. Explore its features, installation, and configuration.

Data Retrieval: Dive into the world of data retrieval with SQL. Master the art of crafting complex queries to extract valuable insights from your databases.

Data Modification: Learn how to manipulate and manage data within SQL Server databases. Add, modify, and delete records with precision and efficiency.

Data Filtering and Sorting: Discover techniques to filter and sort data to extract the specific information you need, making your queries more efficient.

Data Aggregation: Explore the power of aggregate functions like SUM, AVG, COUNT, and GROUP BY to analyze and summarize data.

Joins and Relationships: Gain a deep understanding of how to join tables and establish relationships between them, enabling you to work with complex data structures.

Subqueries and Views: Learn advanced SQL concepts, including subqueries and views, to simplify complex queries and enhance database organization.

Indexes and Optimization: Dive into the world of database optimization with indexes, ensuring that your queries run efficiently even on large datasets.

Stored Procedures and Functions: Discover how to create and use stored procedures and functions to automate tasks and enhance data security.

Transaction Management: Learn about transactions and how to ensure data consistency and reliability in multi-step operations.

Security and Permissions: Understand SQL Server security principles, including user roles and permissions, to protect your data effectively.

Backup and Recovery: Master the art of database backup and recovery strategies to safeguard your data against unexpected events.

Real-World Projects: Apply your SQL skills to real-world projects, giving you practical experience and a strong foundation for your future career.

Whether you're a database administrator, data analyst, developer, or anyone looking to harness the power of SQL for data management and analysis, "Learn SQL with Microsoft SQL Server" equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the world of relational databases. Join us on this journey to become a SQL expert and unlock the full potential of your data. Start your SQL learning adventure with Microsoft SQL Server today!


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Course Curriculum

ID Item
1 100 Intro To SQL(03:26)
2 001 Database Concepts(04:33)
3 002 Data Types(04:47)
4 003 Installing MSSQL 2022(08:22)
5 004 System Databases(13:17)
6 005 Creating a Database and Table(04:45)
7 006 Adding Data To A Table(03:08)
8 011 Select Statements(03:27)
9 012 Where Clause(03:21)
10 013 And or Not(03:30)
11 014 Order By(03:08)
12 015 Group By(02:52)
13 016 The Having Clause(01:41)
14 017 The Top Clause(02:03)
15 018 Select Distinct(02:29)
16 019 Union(03:23)
17 020 Functions(03:28)
18 021 Insert Statement(04:02)
19 022 Update Statement(02:58)
20 023 Delete Statement(02:27)
21 024 Alter Table(03:39)
22 025 Null(02:27)
23 026 Creating A Table(03:15)
24 027 Drop Table(02:50)
25 028 Primary Key(04:48)
26 029 Intro To Joining Tables(04:48)
27 030 Inner Join(03:16)
28 031 Left Right and Outer Join(03:47)
29 032 Indexing(04:43)
30 Conclusion(02:25)



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Dec 21st 16.35 UK

I like the course, its very simple and i can understand it very well.

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