Comprehensive Web Development Fundamentals

Master the art of web development with our comprehensive training program. From HTML and CSS for creating stunning web

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Course Start Date : 5/30/2024
Course Level : Beginner
Course Duration : 8:50 Hours

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Course Description

In today's digital age, the demand for skilled web developers continues to soar, making web development an attractive and rewarding career choice. To thrive in this dynamic field, you need a strong foundation in Comprehensive Web Development Fundamentals, and our training program is designed to provide just that.

Course Highlights:

HTML and CSS Mastery: Begin with the basics by mastering HTML and CSS. Learn how to create structured, visually appealing web pages and layouts, and develop a keen eye for design and user experience.

 Responsive Web Design: Learn the principles of responsive web design, ensuring your websites look and function seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.

Backend Development: Get hands-on experience with server-side programming languages such as C# Discover how to build server logic, handle user requests, and manage data.

Database Management: Explore the world of databases and data modeling. Understand how to design and implement databases for efficient data storage and retrieval.

Class library: Learn to integrate Class library into your web applications, enhancing their functionality and enabling them to interact with external systems.

Web Security Best Practices: Understand the importance of web security and learn how to implement security measures to protect your websites and user data.

Performance Optimization: Explore techniques for optimizing website performance, ensuring fast loading times and a smooth user experience.

Frameworks and Libraries: Get introduced to popular web development frameworks and libraries to streamline your development process.

Project Development: Apply your newfound skills through hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing you to build a diverse and impressive portfolio.

By the end of this comprehensive training, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of web development with confidence. Whether you're looking to launch a new career or enhance your existing skills, our Comprehensive Web Development Fundamentals course is your gateway to becoming a proficient web developer. Join us on this exciting journey to unlock the world of web development and make your mark in the digital realm. Start building the future of the web today!


  • 100% course Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and Tv
  • High-quality content and class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access

Course Curriculum

ID Item
1 Introduction to training course(03:35)
2 Installing MSSQL 2022(08:22)
3 Installation VS(06:39)
4 How to setup Razor on both visual studio 2022(05:40)
5 How to setup Bootstrap template on Razor page with .netCore starting(18:18)
6 How to setup Bootstrap template on Razor page with .netCore - loading(11:36)
7 Adding new Razor Page with new layout pages(03:30)
8 Setting defult page different from index in Razor project(07:25)
9 Mutiple website page with different Layout(11:53)
10 Mutiple website page with homepage Layout(16:25)
11 Mutiple website page with about page and Layout(16:45)
12 Mutiple website page with features page and Layout(05:29)
13 Introduction to Home Restaurant project(03:35)
14 Home Restaurant login page setup(10:39)
15 login page Css and html(11:30)
16 Working on Register page and Forgot page(11:07)
17 Register page and Forgot page html and css(15:53)
18 Creating a Modal Login form - Pop form(08:25)
19 Creating Sql Table store procedure - select and insert(23:14)
20 Modelling Sql tables(10:02)
21 Setup models with try catch(16:50)
22 19. Error messaging check(04:40)
23 Variables declaration and explanation models(10:59)
24 Form and Data verification(22:45)
25 Using dapper and adding class library to our project(15:46)
26 Adding Encrpty, decrpty and utility to your code(25:20)
27 Coding and connecting class library to project(12:27)
28 Connecting dapper with stored procedure(25:29)
29 Codding registration form with class library(23:46)
30 Codding login form with class library(20:57)
31 Codding login form to Mainmenu(28:45)
32 Passing session with Request Query(06:02)
33 Setting other user and Manager pages(22:26)
34 Debugging Errors in Roles binding(15:39)
35 Downloading Templates site and Admin Page(10:30)
36 Setting Admin Page Templates(21:06)
37 Manager and User main page configuration(15:04)
38 Adding new form as a profile page(20:01)
39 Conclusion(02:25)



Adeleke Samuel

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Am a seasoned programmer with over a decade of hands-on experience in the field of software development. With a passion for code and a commitment to excellence, Adeleke has honed expertise in a wide range of programming languages, technologies, and domains. Adeleke's dedication to programming excellence, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning, has not only enriched their own skill set but has also contributed to the growth and development of aspiring programmers through training and mentorship. Adeleke's deep industry knowledge and practical experience make them a valuable asset in the world of software development.

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Dec 21st 16.35 UK

I like the course, its very simple and i can understand it very well.

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