Organic Essential Oils For Your Hair

We want the hair on our head to stay there for as long as it can. For some of us this is something that we never have to worry about. You can sum that up to great genes and the like. For others hair care is an important part of their day which keeps their hair healthy and on top of their head. There really aren’t any magical potions when it comes to hair loss prevention but there are natural cosmetics and essential oils that have been shown to help lessen the loss of hair. We all know that moment when we are in the shower and we stroke our hair and look at our hands only to see a handful of our hair. It is a little worrisome but it is naturally. Every day our body gets rid of hundreds of hairs. It is when you start losing more hair than usual that the concern hits a fever pitch. What can we use to help keep hair feeling and looking full and thick?

If you do a quick search on the internet you will see a handful of treatments and creams that claim to help prevent hair loss. These products are usually full of nasty chemicals and can be dangerous. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural cosmetic that could help with hair loss. I am here to tell you that there are. First the

re is castor oil. I am sure if you are a bit older you remember castor oil. This oil has gotten a second wind and many natural cosmetic businesses like Maple Holistics makes bottles of 100% organic castor oil that when rubbed on the scalp can help prevent hair loss. The enzymes in the oil can stimulate your hair roots and allow the hair that is already on your head to stay there. You can use castor oil on your skin too to keep it smooth and blemish free. The lovely thing about most of the oils I am going to talk about is that they are all multi-functional. is the best place to go for great reviews and articles on all of your favorite products:

We have peppermint oil essential oil which has been known to stimulate your skins pores and percolate your sense to give you an awake feel which is great for the mornings or if you just need a pick me up. It does the same with your hair follicles. It awakens them to want to stand at attention and look full and amazing. Peppermint is not the only essential oil that can help. You have rosemary and argan oil which both can be blended together with your shampoo to create an aromatic and hair healthy mixture that gets deep into your scalp and cleans and leaves your hair stronger than ever before. The key is to not bother your hair too much. Brush it once a day to keep it untangled and dirt free but don’t overdo it.

You can end up pulling your hair out. Try to stay away from heat too. Blow dryers and hair straighteners can burn and damage your hair leaving it brittle and sad.

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