Purple Shampoo Is The Greatest

I was just about done… I wanted to shave my hair off and be done with it. Well, no, I would not go that far, but I hated it when yellow/orange tones were in my hair, a relatively short time after I had dyed it.

I dyed my hair golden blonde in June, because I wanted to have a nice head of hair for the summer. What is the point of dying my hair, if by July I will be confronted with brassy tones in it. I don’t mind color, but there is such a thing as too much color. I have friends who don’t mind having those colors in their hair, since they say it brings their hair more character. I can’t argue with that, but I wanted my hair to be more uniformed, I guess.

I happened to catch an ad for purple shampoo online, when I was searching for ways to fight orange tones in blonde hair. I didn’t know it was called “brassy” until then. It is a very cool nickname, actually. I love brass in music, and I guess I can see why some like it in their hair. It is a loud kind of color, I just didn’t feel I wanted it hang around all summer, until I dyed it again. I didn’t want to end up going to a salon. I looked for some kind of more natural solution, which is where I saw an ad for some natural purple shampoo. I ordered it, and it was a relatively small bottle. But, I reminded myself that this is not a shampoo to use everyday, but only when I need it. The bottle said no more than once a week, because the purple can turn on you, and begin to affect the rest of your hair, not just the orange/yellow colors. Nobody wants to have ashy/gray/purple-tinted hair – those who do, have many other ways of attaining that look. No need to abuse or misuse a hair care product just to get that look.

Purple shampoo can help natural blondes and dyed blondes, I found out. For those who dye their hair, it can help to prevent brass and sass, and for natural blondes, it can help give their blonde a bit of an oomph, but not in an aggressive way. Just kick their blonde colors up a notch and make them more accented.

Always be careful. Purple shampoo is, well, purple. It is not just a sophisticated name. It has purple dye in it, which is why it is designated as a weekly shampoo, or once every two weeks. This is done to prevent your hair’s pigments from changing too much. Remember, the point of purple shampoo (Check out this great review on MapleHolistics.com) is to restore some balance, not to change the color of your hair. It is meant to bring color back, not change it. If you begin to see that your hair is changing too much, forget it and try another company. There are many out there.

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