Glock 19 VS Glock 17

It really is about guns. Look what just happened last week. A lone gunman tried to assassinate government official for their disagreeing political views. This is the downside of guns. Now there will discussions all over the country about gun control and how we should get rid of them but I always find it funny that they miss the point. I carry a Glock 19 because I believe in self-protection and the honest truth is that if you want a gun you will find it however you need to. I know it is cliché at this point but really it is no different than any other kind of thing that is illegal. Much like drugs if you want it you will find it and as long as you have money you should have no problem. I do not advocate illegal activity but I do bring this up to counter that if you get rid of legal ways to procure a firearm you are essentially making the country more dangerous. Because, yes, you won’t be able to buy them in a store which then will have your gun on record so that it can be tracked and all those sort of responsible things. On the contrary, you will have guns like Glock 17 or other handguns on the streets with no way of knowing who has them and what they intend to do with them.

This is the problem with modern society in general. We all want a quick fix and we will legislate until that happens. What we don’t realize is that when gun violence occurs it is a symptom of a greater problem. The thing is no one wants to touch that bigger issue because they may have to get their hands dirty. It is much better to create a situation that is black and white. Good and bad. Therefore creating something easy for people to swallow and not have to do any real work for. Guns are only one of these issues. But Like I said I own a Glock 19 which I read about on The reason I carry a gun is because it is my right and because I know how to use it and have passed countless testes which have given me the ability to shoot and carry a gun.

The thing that always tickles me is the fact that any gun owner will tell you that they hardly ever use the things. The whole point of a gun is not to use it. Sure we go to the range and practice because that is what you have to do with handguns. The reason is that guns are a skill and like any skill you have to practice muscle memory in order to be at the best of your ability when you have to actually use the guns. I am a pretty good shot at this point and all my friends are responsible working individuals with families of their own just trying to protect themselves.

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