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Jason had always struggled with grammar. Often times he had trouble figuring out the different grammar rules especially comma related ones. Although grammar rules in general tended to really throw Jason off to be completely honest. This whole grammar related struggle Jason had though was an ongoing one that he had been dealing with now for many many years. Then one night while writing an essay Jason’s struggles conclusion was born. When he discovered grammarly (reviewed ny Gunivore).

One late January night Jason was working hard on an essay for his ninth grade English class. He really wanted to do well on this one. He had struggled so much grade wise on these essays in the past and he wanted to start anew. So he tried editing his essay he did so yet he was not convinced he did a good job. All of a sudden he saw an add pop up in his gmail corresponding to the g-chat convos he had, had with friends about his struggles with correcting his grammar. This ad was for grammarly. He then looked into what this grammarly was and if there were any Youtube videos about it. After conducting an extensive Youtube search Jason learnt very quickly how to use grammarly, what exactly it does and other useful benefits of grammarly. Price wise Jason was sold. It was a completely free download as a Google chrome add on to the computer. So Jason was sold and he almost immediately downloaded grammarly after learning of all the basic info about this superb grammar checking software program. Jason was really excited to use so much so that after he finished writing his paper he immediately used his newly downloaded grammarly to   his computer to check his paper he then began to thoroughly check all of his papers from then on using grammarly. Grammarly became a staple in helping write Jason’s papers. Jason eventually realized besides for using grammarly to exclusively just check his grammar and spelling etc it could also be used for other benefits. Like he could see how grammarly corrected his mistakes. It was overall a much better system for Jason. This way he could not just benefit from grammarly as a grammar checker. He could benefit from grammarly as something he could use to recognize his grammar related mistakes and how he could correct his most common grammar related mistakes in the future. Now he had so many grammar related mistakes that sometimes it seemed unbearable for him to use grammarly as a way of evaluating his most common mistakes and how much effort or work that Jason was putting into his writing for school. It did become a great litmus test though. Eventually though grammarly helped Jason do so well in school that he didn’t really need grammarly so much anymore. Grammarly became unnecessary though for him eventually. He was soon able to check his own grammar without really using grammarly. It was what Jason had been striving for for a while now.

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