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The Natural Way Is Better

Whenever I see a commercial for hair care products, I chuckle into my beard. Yes, that’s right. I am a beard-chuckler. Some of those are bad. I mean the concept, the execution, everything.  But who am I to talk? I have never shot a commercial. I have written a few, though. At any rate, it […]

Organic Essential Oils For Your Hair

We want the hair on our head to stay there for as long as it can. For some of us this is something that we never have to worry about. You can sum that up to great genes and the like. For others hair care is an important part of their day which keeps their […]

Purple Shampoo Is The Greatest

I was just about done… I wanted to shave my hair off and be done with it. Well, no, I would not go that far, but I hated it when yellow/orange tones were in my hair, a relatively short time after I had dyed it. I dyed my hair golden blonde in June, because I […]