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Annoying Grape Juice

For those just tuning in to my shopping experience, here’s a little recap for ya. I was shopping and had a cart full of stuff when someone nearby broke a bottle of grape juice and it splashed everything in my cart. Nervous that my stuff would be covered in the sticky substance and start attracting bugs once I brought it home (which would mean I would have to throw all of it- and more- out), I decided to retrace my steps and get new editions of everything. I started first at the cereal section, the most crucial part of my shopping trip. I didn’t need to replace all of the boxes in my cart, just the top ones that were splashed upon. Luckily, there wound up being exactly the amount of boxes I needed in the flavor that I needed left on the shelf. I did a quick swaperoo and walked away as if nothing had happened. I then went to the Fiber One section. As you can see, I was definitely going in order of preference and priority. The Fiber One part was not a problem at all, as there were plenty of boxes left. I did see a man look at me just before I started exchanging them. I tried not to be too weird about it, although I decided that I didn’t care what he thought even if he thought I was being weird. I did notice, though, that this area had more options in the Fiber One bar department. Caramel and cinnamon options were also available, but I decided to stick with the OG brownie. They also had a new thing, a carrot cake bar. But I’ve bought something similar in the past and the bar is smaller and it doesn’t fill me up as much. So I just stuck with what I know. That could probably be the title of my autobiography, actually.

I then went to the canned goods section and exchanged those too. The only problem now from the whole ordeal was that my hands were sticky from having tried to wipe the grape juice off of my goods before I decided to return them. It was a bit annoying, but I was able to deal with it (big of me, I know). Eventually my friend told me that they were done picking out their things and that it was the appropriate time for me to go to the fridge and freezer section to get the last of my stuff. It took me a while to find everything in this different layout, but slowly I started making my way through and getting everything that I needed. It was hard for me to find the chicken, but eventually I did (not thanks to the employee that I asked!). And that’s when brilliance hit! The chicken was frozen and released condensation in my hands. Enough moisture to rid myself of the grape juice stickiness! Yay!

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Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

The name of the game when it comes to limiting the dietary damage during the holiday season is to cut down on snacking! This is a principle which we should abide by year-round but is perhaps doubly important during the holidays. The bottom line is, during the holidays, you’re going to be experiencing richer and more lavish meals on a regular basis – that much is not avoidable. What can be avoided, however, is resisting the temptation to partake in binge eating during off-hours.

In addition to this, it’s equally important to not throw your usual routine out of the window just because you’re on holiday. In the same way that you don’t stop brushing your teeth just because you are on vacation, make sure that all your other habits also stay in tact. If you go to the gym every other day, keep going to the gym every other day. If you start your day with ten minutes of yoga, don’t forget to roll your mat out every morning of vacation. Whatever it is, the fact that you’re on winter break shouldn’t stop you from living your best life. If you stick to this general rule you should be able to stay healthy through the holidays no matter how much unhealthy food you might have placed before you.

Most households not only indulge in festive Holiday meals, but also like to keep snacks around the house while the family is around. This could include candy canes, gingerbread cookies, eggnog, or any number of different kinds of holiday-themed snacks. This is where most folks generally go wrong, consuming high-calorie treats in addition to their already heart meals. Limiting alcohol intake is also important when it comes to keeping healthy and fit during the holiday season, as well as not allowing leisure time to get in the way of regular sleep and exercise. Parties are great but not if they come at the expense of sleep. That’s just my personal opinion on the matter. Sleep is an essential bodily function to ensure that you’re functioning at your optimum. Personally, I can’t have fun at a party if I’m sleep deprived. Being tired takes the fun out of pretty much everything because you just can’t give activities your all when you are tired.

We can get away with one of big meals, snacking, exercise-neglect, increased alcohol intake and sleep disruption during the holidays – but not all at the same time! Enjoy yourself by partaking in hearty meals with family and friends but always try to keep a healthy mind. Your inner strength is what helps you to say no to the things that your body knows are bad for you. In this vein, make good decisions when it comes to the food that you’re eating. You want to make sure that you’re eating foods that are nourishing not punishing, which means staying away from what’s known as ‘empty calories’. Empty calories are all those foods that just taste good, but are nutritionally not doing anything positive for your body.

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Acing an Interview

Acing a job interview might be hard for some, but there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself beforehand so that you have the best chance of success. First, do some research beforehand. Look at the company’s website and pay attention to their mission statement, their team, and anything else that seems relevant. This way, when you show up for the interview you’ll seem to really know what you’re talking about. Looking like you did research doesn’t make you seem like a nerd, it makes you seem like you really care about the company and that you’re a thoughtful individual. Also do research on the specific job position. Learn as much as you can about it beforehand so that you know what the most crucial parts of the job are and you can prepare in advance how to highlight your relevant strengths. And lastly, research yourself. You might think that it’s not important to look at your resume, since you’re the one who wrote it and you experienced all of the information on there. However, don’t fall into this trap. You likely have experience listed that’s years old, and to be honest, you might not remember it when an interviewer asks you. But even for the most recent stuff it’s good to brush up, as you might just totally blank when you’re asked about it. priming yourself beforehand can’t hurt.

Also dress to impress. Don’t wear blue jeans, anything with words on it, or sneakers. Unless you’re looking to work in hi tech and know that the office vibe is extremely casual, dress a step above what you would normally do. You want to make a good first impression, and clothing is a huge part of this. Also practice having a firm handshake, as this is part of making a good first impression as well.

And don’t forget to come with a pen and paper. You may want to take notes at a certain point, and the interviewer will likely be impressed by this. But you should also prepare some questions of your own before the interview. First of all, this is just plain useful, as you likely have questions about common challenges in the job, payment, or practical things. But also, the interviewer will be eager to give you more information about the company, and will see your curiosity as a good sign. And lastly, when you leave, don’t just walk out the door without a plan. Shake the person’s hand, and of course tell them that it was nice to meet them. Ask them when you should expect to hear back from them, so that you don’t drive yourself crazy waiting and also so that they know that they should not keep you waiting too long. And then, if you so desire, you can send a follow up email to thank them for their time. If you follow these easy steps, your next interview should land you the job that you want.

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Jim Rohn

I have a friend who is a carpenter. I am talk about an old-school, apprenticed craftsman. It is a damn shame that people don’t know how much freedom there is in such professions. He is making plenty of money, I am happy to report. As Jim Rohn said: “success is not in short supply. But it doesn’t waste its time on the unprepared.” You need to prepare for success, dress for success, act like a professional, and in many ways, you will be attracting success to you, without doing anything else. Without doing anything but be the best you can be. It is challenging yet doable. It is a life’s work sometimes. You work hard at your business, you work hard on your life, and maybe – maybe – if things don’t get screwed up beyond belief, you will be able to find a place where you are getting what you need, giving back to the community, and making the time to raise a family. It sounds fantastic and imaginary to some people, but there are those who are pulling it off every single day. This is not to say you should be comparing yourself to anyone, but there are times when it is helpful to do so. Or at least to understand that there is such a possibility, regardless of whether or not it will come to you. That already has to do with you, your fate, your answer to the call of your own life. Understand this: everything that belongs to you will come to you, but the thing is, you change what that “everything” is, with every decision, and meditation, and word, and action that you make real.

My friend is happy with his lot. He was poised to be this amazing programmer, but he left the IT business to engage in something a lot more hands-on, as far as he was concerned. And this is what he wanted. He was so excited when he found an apprenticeship. It is not something which is ordinarily done nowadays. But he wanted to study under a master. He wanted something real, and not some curriculum. He made the right move, and he is a lot happier than he ever was in university. I saw him undergo this transformation, and it was so very inspiring. If I had not had my own plan, I would have been forced to pick one up right then and there. You can’t stand in indifference to this kind of resolution.

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The Natural Way Is Better

Whenever I see a commercial for hair care products, I chuckle into my beard. Yes, that’s right. I am a beard-chuckler.

Some of those are bad. I mean the concept, the execution, everything.  But who am I to talk? I have never shot a commercial. I have written a few, though. At any rate, it is not just the commercials themselves, but the way that hair care is portrayed in mainstream television. It gets to me. I feel we are being swindled by big shots.

People are selling daily shampoos, and if you want to go down that road, feel free. But for me, I know from experience that washing my hair every day doesn’t make it happy. It makes it dependent on the shampoo’s formula, and that is not something which I am interested in anymore. I don’t want the shampoo to replace the natural process which the hair and scalp are meant to go through periodically. This may not apply to everyone, but I know that when I was using a commercial daily shampoo, I was not happy with the results. I was letting my hair grow naturally, and it was not helpful at all. Too many chemicals and preservatives, I think.

Nowadays, I wash with a tea tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics, and for good reason. Tea tree oil is one of the all time favorite essential oils, and I use it for a lot of things around the house. I also put some of it in a squirt bottle with water, lavender oil, and a touch of sea salt. I use it as a hair freshener on the go. There was a time when I also put peppermint in there, but tea tree is enough. They are both similar in their affect on me, so I don’t need them. But peppermint is another favorite of mine.

Creating and using a homemade, DIY shampoo can be very rewarding, but I am not there yet. I have a friend who volunteered to make it for me at her place, and she keeps some of it for herself. She makes a new batch every so often, and I use it  once or twice. I don’t wash my hair nearly as often as I did back when I was using daily shampoo, and the results I am getting are awesome.

There is nothing quite like natural hair, which is free of all of the detergents, preservatives, artifical fragrances, and other substances which are added to many, many hair care products. I am not saying that others shouldn’t use them, by the way, I am just saying that for me it was no longer beneficial. But there was a time when it was, or else I would have probably switched a long time ago. I didn’t want to rock the boat, but when I started seeing things happen with my hair, I could see it was time for a change in products.

I love my hair, and I hope it loves me back. We try. It’s a two-way street.

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Organic Essential Oils For Your Hair

We want the hair on our head to stay there for as long as it can. For some of us this is something that we never have to worry about. You can sum that up to great genes and the like. For others hair care is an important part of their day which keeps their hair healthy and on top of their head. There really aren’t any magical potions when it comes to hair loss prevention but there are natural cosmetics and essential oils that have been shown to help lessen the loss of hair. We all know that moment when we are in the shower and we stroke our hair and look at our hands only to see a handful of our hair. It is a little worrisome but it is naturally. Every day our body gets rid of hundreds of hairs. It is when you start losing more hair than usual that the concern hits a fever pitch. What can we use to help keep hair feeling and looking full and thick?

If you do a quick search on the internet you will see a handful of treatments and creams that claim to help prevent hair loss. These products are usually full of nasty chemicals and can be dangerous. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural cosmetic that could help with hair loss. I am here to tell you that there are. First the

re is castor oil. I am sure if you are a bit older you remember castor oil. This oil has gotten a second wind and many natural cosmetic businesses like Maple Holistics makes bottles of 100% organic castor oil that when rubbed on the scalp can help prevent hair loss. The enzymes in the oil can stimulate your hair roots and allow the hair that is already on your head to stay there. You can use castor oil on your skin too to keep it smooth and blemish free. The lovely thing about most of the oils I am going to talk about is that they are all multi-functional. is the best place to go for great reviews and articles on all of your favorite products:

We have peppermint oil essential oil which has been known to stimulate your skins pores and percolate your sense to give you an awake feel which is great for the mornings or if you just need a pick me up. It does the same with your hair follicles. It awakens them to want to stand at attention and look full and amazing. Peppermint is not the only essential oil that can help. You have rosemary and argan oil which both can be blended together with your shampoo to create an aromatic and hair healthy mixture that gets deep into your scalp and cleans and leaves your hair stronger than ever before. The key is to not bother your hair too much. Brush it once a day to keep it untangled and dirt free but don’t overdo it.

You can end up pulling your hair out. Try to stay away from heat too. Blow dryers and hair straighteners can burn and damage your hair leaving it brittle and sad.

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Glock 19 VS Glock 17

It really is about guns. Look what just happened last week. A lone gunman tried to assassinate government official for their disagreeing political views. This is the downside of guns. Now there will discussions all over the country about gun control and how we should get rid of them but I always find it funny that they miss the point. I carry a Glock 19 because I believe in self-protection and the honest truth is that if you want a gun you will find it however you need to. I know it is cliché at this point but really it is no different than any other kind of thing that is illegal. Much like drugs if you want it you will find it and as long as you have money you should have no problem. I do not advocate illegal activity but I do bring this up to counter that if you get rid of legal ways to procure a firearm you are essentially making the country more dangerous. Because, yes, you won’t be able to buy them in a store which then will have your gun on record so that it can be tracked and all those sort of responsible things. On the contrary, you will have guns like Glock 17 or other handguns on the streets with no way of knowing who has them and what they intend to do with them.

This is the problem with modern society in general. We all want a quick fix and we will legislate until that happens. What we don’t realize is that when gun violence occurs it is a symptom of a greater problem. The thing is no one wants to touch that bigger issue because they may have to get their hands dirty. It is much better to create a situation that is black and white. Good and bad. Therefore creating something easy for people to swallow and not have to do any real work for. Guns are only one of these issues. But Like I said I own a Glock 19 which I read about on The reason I carry a gun is because it is my right and because I know how to use it and have passed countless testes which have given me the ability to shoot and carry a gun.

The thing that always tickles me is the fact that any gun owner will tell you that they hardly ever use the things. The whole point of a gun is not to use it. Sure we go to the range and practice because that is what you have to do with handguns. The reason is that guns are a skill and like any skill you have to practice muscle memory in order to be at the best of your ability when you have to actually use the guns. I am a pretty good shot at this point and all my friends are responsible working individuals with families of their own just trying to protect themselves.

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Purple Shampoo Is The Greatest

I was just about done… I wanted to shave my hair off and be done with it. Well, no, I would not go that far, but I hated it when yellow/orange tones were in my hair, a relatively short time after I had dyed it.

I dyed my hair golden blonde in June, because I wanted to have a nice head of hair for the summer. What is the point of dying my hair, if by July I will be confronted with brassy tones in it. I don’t mind color, but there is such a thing as too much color. I have friends who don’t mind having those colors in their hair, since they say it brings their hair more character. I can’t argue with that, but I wanted my hair to be more uniformed, I guess.

I happened to catch an ad for purple shampoo online, when I was searching for ways to fight orange tones in blonde hair. I didn’t know it was called “brassy” until then. It is a very cool nickname, actually. I love brass in music, and I guess I can see why some like it in their hair. It is a loud kind of color, I just didn’t feel I wanted it hang around all summer, until I dyed it again. I didn’t want to end up going to a salon. I looked for some kind of more natural solution, which is where I saw an ad for some natural purple shampoo. I ordered it, and it was a relatively small bottle. But, I reminded myself that this is not a shampoo to use everyday, but only when I need it. The bottle said no more than once a week, because the purple can turn on you, and begin to affect the rest of your hair, not just the orange/yellow colors. Nobody wants to have ashy/gray/purple-tinted hair – those who do, have many other ways of attaining that look. No need to abuse or misuse a hair care product just to get that look.

Purple shampoo can help natural blondes and dyed blondes, I found out. For those who dye their hair, it can help to prevent brass and sass, and for natural blondes, it can help give their blonde a bit of an oomph, but not in an aggressive way. Just kick their blonde colors up a notch and make them more accented.

Always be careful. Purple shampoo is, well, purple. It is not just a sophisticated name. It has purple dye in it, which is why it is designated as a weekly shampoo, or once every two weeks. This is done to prevent your hair’s pigments from changing too much. Remember, the point of purple shampoo (Check out this great review on is to restore some balance, not to change the color of your hair. It is meant to bring color back, not change it. If you begin to see that your hair is changing too much, forget it and try another company. There are many out there.

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Grammarly Is The Best

Jason had always struggled with grammar. Often times he had trouble figuring out the different grammar rules especially comma related ones. Although grammar rules in general tended to really throw Jason off to be completely honest. This whole grammar related struggle Jason had though was an ongoing one that he had been dealing with now for many many years. Then one night while writing an essay Jason’s struggles conclusion was born. When he discovered grammarly (reviewed ny Gunivore).

One late January night Jason was working hard on an essay for his ninth grade English class. He really wanted to do well on this one. He had struggled so much grade wise on these essays in the past and he wanted to start anew. So he tried editing his essay he did so yet he was not convinced he did a good job. All of a sudden he saw an add pop up in his gmail corresponding to the g-chat convos he had, had with friends about his struggles with correcting his grammar. This ad was for grammarly. He then looked into what this grammarly was and if there were any Youtube videos about it. After conducting an extensive Youtube search Jason learnt very quickly how to use grammarly, what exactly it does and other useful benefits of grammarly. Price wise Jason was sold. It was a completely free download as a Google chrome add on to the computer. So Jason was sold and he almost immediately downloaded grammarly after learning of all the basic info about this superb grammar checking software program. Jason was really excited to use so much so that after he finished writing his paper he immediately used his newly downloaded grammarly to   his computer to check his paper he then began to thoroughly check all of his papers from then on using grammarly. Grammarly became a staple in helping write Jason’s papers. Jason eventually realized besides for using grammarly to exclusively just check his grammar and spelling etc it could also be used for other benefits. Like he could see how grammarly corrected his mistakes. It was overall a much better system for Jason. This way he could not just benefit from grammarly as a grammar checker. He could benefit from grammarly as something he could use to recognize his grammar related mistakes and how he could correct his most common grammar related mistakes in the future. Now he had so many grammar related mistakes that sometimes it seemed unbearable for him to use grammarly as a way of evaluating his most common mistakes and how much effort or work that Jason was putting into his writing for school. It did become a great litmus test though. Eventually though grammarly helped Jason do so well in school that he didn’t really need grammarly so much anymore. Grammarly became unnecessary though for him eventually. He was soon able to check his own grammar without really using grammarly. It was what Jason had been striving for for a while now.

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