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Annoying Grape Juice

For those just tuning in to my shopping experience, here’s a little recap for ya. I was shopping and had a cart full of stuff when someone nearby broke a bottle of grape juice and it splashed everything in my cart. Nervous that my stuff would be covered in the sticky substance and start attracting bugs once I brought it home (which would mean I would have to throw all of it- and more- out), I decided to retrace my steps and get new editions of everything. I started first at the cereal section, the most crucial part of my shopping trip. I didn’t need to replace all of the boxes in my cart, just the top ones that were splashed upon. Luckily, there wound up being exactly the amount of boxes I needed in the flavor that I needed left on the shelf. I did a quick swaperoo and walked away as if nothing had happened. I then went to the Fiber One section. As you can see, I was definitely going in order of preference and priority. The Fiber One part was not a problem at all, as there were plenty of boxes left. I did see a man look at me just before I started exchanging them. I tried not to be too weird about it, although I decided that I didn’t care what he thought even if he thought I was being weird. I did notice, though, that this area had more options in the Fiber One bar department. Caramel and cinnamon options were also available, but I decided to stick with the OG brownie. They also had a new thing, a carrot cake bar. But I’ve bought something similar in the past and the bar is smaller and it doesn’t fill me up as much. So I just stuck with what I know. That could probably be the title of my autobiography, actually.

I then went to the canned goods section and exchanged those too. The only problem now from the whole ordeal was that my hands were sticky from having tried to wipe the grape juice off of my goods before I decided to return them. It was a bit annoying, but I was able to deal with it (big of me, I know). Eventually my friend told me that they were done picking out their things and that it was the appropriate time for me to go to the fridge and freezer section to get the last of my stuff. It took me a while to find everything in this different layout, but slowly I started making my way through and getting everything that I needed. It was hard for me to find the chicken, but eventually I did (not thanks to the employee that I asked!). And that’s when brilliance hit! The chicken was frozen and released condensation in my hands. Enough moisture to rid myself of the grape juice stickiness! Yay!

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