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Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

The name of the game when it comes to limiting the dietary damage during the holiday season is to cut down on snacking! This is a principle which we should abide by year-round but is perhaps doubly important during the holidays. The bottom line is, during the holidays, you’re going to be experiencing richer and more lavish meals on a regular basis – that much is not avoidable. What can be avoided, however, is resisting the temptation to partake in binge eating during off-hours.

In addition to this, it’s equally important to not throw your usual routine out of the window just because you’re on holiday. In the same way that you don’t stop brushing your teeth just because you are on vacation, make sure that all your other habits also stay in tact. If you go to the gym every other day, keep going to the gym every other day. If you start your day with ten minutes of yoga, don’t forget to roll your mat out every morning of vacation. Whatever it is, the fact that you’re on winter break shouldn’t stop you from living your best life. If you stick to this general rule you should be able to stay healthy through the holidays no matter how much unhealthy food you might have placed before you.

Most households not only indulge in festive Holiday meals, but also like to keep snacks around the house while the family is around. This could include candy canes, gingerbread cookies, eggnog, or any number of different kinds of holiday-themed snacks. This is where most folks generally go wrong, consuming high-calorie treats in addition to their already heart meals. Limiting alcohol intake is also important when it comes to keeping healthy and fit during the holiday season, as well as not allowing leisure time to get in the way of regular sleep and exercise. Parties are great but not if they come at the expense of sleep. That’s just my personal opinion on the matter. Sleep is an essential bodily function to ensure that you’re functioning at your optimum. Personally, I can’t have fun at a party if I’m sleep deprived. Being tired takes the fun out of pretty much everything because you just can’t give activities your all when you are tired.

We can get away with one of big meals, snacking, exercise-neglect, increased alcohol intake and sleep disruption during the holidays – but not all at the same time! Enjoy yourself by partaking in hearty meals with family and friends but always try to keep a healthy mind. Your inner strength is what helps you to say no to the things that your body knows are bad for you. In this vein, make good decisions when it comes to the food that you’re eating. You want to make sure that you’re eating foods that are nourishing not punishing, which means staying away from what’s known as ‘empty calories’. Empty calories are all those foods that just taste good, but are nutritionally not doing anything positive for your body.

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