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Acing an Interview

Acing a job interview might be hard for some, but there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself beforehand so that you have the best chance of success. First, do some research beforehand. Look at the company’s website and pay attention to their mission statement, their team, and anything else that seems relevant. This way, when you show up for the interview you’ll seem to really know what you’re talking about. Looking like you did research doesn’t make you seem like a nerd, it makes you seem like you really care about the company and that you’re a thoughtful individual. Also do research on the specific job position. Learn as much as you can about it beforehand so that you know what the most crucial parts of the job are and you can prepare in advance how to highlight your relevant strengths. And lastly, research yourself. You might think that it’s not important to look at your resume, since you’re the one who wrote it and you experienced all of the information on there. However, don’t fall into this trap. You likely have experience listed that’s years old, and to be honest, you might not remember it when an interviewer asks you. But even for the most recent stuff it’s good to brush up, as you might just totally blank when you’re asked about it. priming yourself beforehand can’t hurt.

Also dress to impress. Don’t wear blue jeans, anything with words on it, or sneakers. Unless you’re looking to work in hi tech and know that the office vibe is extremely casual, dress a step above what you would normally do. You want to make a good first impression, and clothing is a huge part of this. Also practice having a firm handshake, as this is part of making a good first impression as well.

And don’t forget to come with a pen and paper. You may want to take notes at a certain point, and the interviewer will likely be impressed by this. But you should also prepare some questions of your own before the interview. First of all, this is just plain useful, as you likely have questions about common challenges in the job, payment, or practical things. But also, the interviewer will be eager to give you more information about the company, and will see your curiosity as a good sign. And lastly, when you leave, don’t just walk out the door without a plan. Shake the person’s hand, and of course tell them that it was nice to meet them. Ask them when you should expect to hear back from them, so that you don’t drive yourself crazy waiting and also so that they know that they should not keep you waiting too long. And then, if you so desire, you can send a follow up email to thank them for their time. If you follow these easy steps, your next interview should land you the job that you want.

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