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Jim Rohn

I have a friend who is a carpenter. I am talk about an old-school, apprenticed craftsman. It is a damn shame that people don’t know how much freedom there is in such professions. He is making plenty of money, I am happy to report. As Jim Rohn said: “success is not in short supply. But it doesn’t waste its time on the unprepared.” You need to prepare for success, dress for success, act like a professional, and in many ways, you will be attracting success to you, without doing anything else. Without doing anything but be the best you can be. It is challenging yet doable. It is a life’s work sometimes. You work hard at your business, you work hard on your life, and maybe – maybe – if things don’t get screwed up beyond belief, you will be able to find a place where you are getting what you need, giving back to the community, and making the time to raise a family. It sounds fantastic and imaginary to some people, but there are those who are pulling it off every single day. This is not to say you should be comparing yourself to anyone, but there are times when it is helpful to do so. Or at least to understand that there is such a possibility, regardless of whether or not it will come to you. That already has to do with you, your fate, your answer to the call of your own life. Understand this: everything that belongs to you will come to you, but the thing is, you change what that “everything” is, with every decision, and meditation, and word, and action that you make real.

My friend is happy with his lot. He was poised to be this amazing programmer, but he left the IT business to engage in something a lot more hands-on, as far as he was concerned. And this is what he wanted. He was so excited when he found an apprenticeship. It is not something which is ordinarily done nowadays. But he wanted to study under a master. He wanted something real, and not some curriculum. He made the right move, and he is a lot happier than he ever was in university. I saw him undergo this transformation, and it was so very inspiring. If I had not had my own plan, I would have been forced to pick one up right then and there. You can’t stand in indifference to this kind of resolution.

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